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chapter-xiii replied to your post “augh but look how NOT ticklish hoechlin is and i bet he’s all casually unintentionally mean about tickling, the way NONTICKLISH PEOPLE OFTEN ARE, THE JERKS, and just tickles dylan and tickles him and tickles him until dynan’s just like CRYING on the ground getting snot everywhere and kind of twitching and pleading and pink and then tyler accidently gets a little too close, a little too rough, and surpise!! dylan comes in his pants and tyler just sort of stares down him with his mouth gaping open”

Jesus fuck, why is everything you write about this man so hot? *fans self* Write more and then cobble it all together into a pdf file of short Hobrien pornlets because I need them in my life. ;_;


It would turn into this kind of understanding between them. Like Dylan gets that there’s something happening…and Tyler gets that he can DO this something with Dylan…but it’s not all clear. 

Maybe it starts light, tickling that turns into exploration, Tyler watching his hands slow and move, feel Dylan, hands running all over his body. And Dylan’s laugh quieting and him watching too. And when he tries to help, goes to tug his tee-shirt up, Tyler suddenly grabs his wrist strongly and pins it to the wall. 

And they just make eye contact for a long few heartbeats before Tyler frees him again.

Then they’re playing video games and Dylan kicks at him playfully until Tyler grabs his ankle. Dylan thrashes so Tyler grabs his other ankle and he HOLDS them down. Down. While Dylan’s chest rises and falls rapidly, eyelids heavy. Tyler holds them down and then, just slightly, he parts Dylan’s legs by pushing his ankles apart. Then Posey is like “Hey, the pizza is coming in ten, can you guys get some money out?” from his bedroom and Tyler frees him.

And then one night they just…can’t stop. Like they’re laughing and mock-wrestling (rolling around) then pausing to pant and shiver a little as Tyler keeps catching him, PINNING him. 

Pinning him and then letting him go like a cat playing with a mouse. Letting Dylan scramble away and then getting him down with very little struggle again, one hand hard to Dylan’s nape, mashing his cheek into the floor, and the other pinning his wrist behind the small of his back. (Dylan responds to this one the strongest, lets out a moaned "Shit yes—" at it.)

They go for a long time until Dylan finally gets off, hips hunching against the floor helplessly the whole time until he suddenly goes still and tight everywhere and then starts shaking while he moans “Oh god, oh my god Tyler—”

(The whole thing is endless foreplay to Dylan and what finally gets him is Tyler pinning both his wrists to the floor while forcing his legs apart with a knee.)

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Not Exactly Smooth (953 words) by LadyDrace [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski
Additional Tags: Morning After, Humor, Fluff, Derek is a ninja, The Sheriff is sheriff for a reason, stiles is not subtle

The morning after is only about 500 times as ridiculous as you’d expect.

SPN FIC: Unspoken (Dean/Castiel, Sam POV)


Sam’s there when Castiel first kisses Dean. They’re gathered around the Impala, which is jacked up on a thin sliver of silver machinery. The car has one wheel removed, the replacement in Dean’s greased up hands. His shoulders twist and bend under his shirt as he bolts the new wheel in place, elbow twisting with his wrench as he laughs amicably at something Sam’s just said.

Castiel is bent just slightly at the waist and hovering over Dean, apparently fascinated by the repairs taking place. The sun is setting behind a lush green hill that’s covered in the flaking, crispy leaves of autumn, and a golden sunbeam trickles around Castiel’s chin and dips into his sweatshirt, where his human hands are buried inside a central pocket for warmth. Sam’s drinking from the air-cooled neck of his bottled iced tea, the mild lemon taste trickling cool and refreshing down his throat, when he sees Castiel bend even further over Dean’s back and brush his lips softly to the curve of Dean’s neck.

Dean locks in place, a rabbit before a fox, eyes wide as the wrench falls from loose fingers to collide with damp grass. Sam feels alarm—great alarm—build up inside of him, and he has no idea what to do. Cas, on the other hand, only walks to the open trunk of the car and retrieves for himself a bottle of iced tea from the cooler, leaving Dean alone with the sudden crisis that has befallen them all.

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sterek butts idk

A while ago you mentioned Sterek and butts? I don’t really remember but I’m a tad tipsy and this is the first Sterek thing I’ve ever written. Uhhhh enjoy?

Stiles wasn’t sure how it happened. He’d always considered himself more of a breast man, but, well. Things changed. Especially when those things involved Derek Hale.


It all started with a certain pair of black jeans. The unlikely variety of leather jackets was one thing, but dressing all in black? It was too much. It should have been too much. Instead, when Derek crouched to pick up something indistinguishable from the forest floor, it was just there. All… round. And outlined fantastically by the dark denim. And it was so not fair, because if Stiles was going to have a gay freakout, he wanted it to be over someone who didn’t regularly toss him around like a sack of dirty laundry.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Stiles vaguely heard Derek’s voice, gruff and unhappy, per usual. He dragged his eyes back up to Derek’s.

“Uh, nothing. Indigestion. Probably ate a bad burrito.” Stiles immediately cursed himself. Derek tipped his head slightly to the side, as though he was deciding whether or not the funny little human was amusing enough to keep from killing.

“Your face is doing that thing,” he grumbled.

“That thing where it makes expressions? Most people’s faces do that, dude.”

Derek squinted, but didn’t reply. On the way back to meet Scott, Stiles definitely didn’t trail behind him a bit just to watch the way the material bunched and smoothed over his ass. That would just be weird.


I love you. Just. *squeezes you with no regard for hangovers*

The Knotty Knitter: Drabble for Lady Drace!


Gabriel blinked in surprise and propped his elbows up on the bar. “Wait, you want to what?”

“I want a date,” Sam stared at him with an amused smile.

“That’s what I thought you said.” Gabriel frowned, “Sam, why?”

“You’re cute, for starters.”

“I’m a forty year old man. Forty year old men aren’t…



do you ever read a horrible line in a fan fic and just close out of it and go “no”

All the fucking time.

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Anonymous said:  I love that picture. Hooker!Sabriel is all I want in life.

Well then you are in luck my friend! 3 guesses what has just been sent to a beta and will be posted sometime in the next couple of days? Thaaat’s right. Hooker au sabriel. Although, the roles are reversed in my version. But still!


Some boyfriends would think it was weird. At first, Sam’s worried that Gabriel will be one of those, that Gabriel will look at him with a raised eyebrow and then tell him to take them off.

But he doesn’t. When Gabriel’s hands slide down the back of Sam’s jeans that night he doesn’t stop or pull away when his fingertips find the lace edge of the panties. If anything, he makes an interested, hungry noise, kissing Sam all the harder until both of them are breathless and panting, the cheap couch straining under them. 

There isn’t much that deters Gabriel though, not when there’s something he wants and despite panting for breath, his hand is on Sam’s  inner thigh, stroking and scratching at the seam of his jeans. He’s asking permission, he wants to see and Sam knows that. He sucks in another breath, nodding and Gabriel doesn’t waste a second.

His fingers move up, cupping Sam through his jeans. Sam’s cock twitches, and his hips lift and Gabriel takes his chance, unfastening the button and pulling down the fly, revealing the dark blue fabric, the lace trim, the little bow. When Sam lifts his hips again and Gabriel manages to pull down the jeans- and Sam wriggles them off somehow even with Gabriel on top of him- the panties are revealed in all their glory.

Sam’s cock is already straining them. Hells, they’re probably too small anyway, but with all the petting and the making out so far, and what usually follows, Gabriel doesn’t think they’ll survive the rest of the evening. It’s a sad thought, because fuck Sam looks good in them. 

He lets his fingers ghost up over Sam’s hip, the fabric soft and smooth and silky and nothing like boxers at all, and it sends a thrill through Gabriel. “You got more of these?” He asks, voice all hoarse and Sam seems more than pleased with the question.

"A few more."

"Great," Gabriel says, wearing that wicked grin that stole Sam’s heart away in the first place. “Later, we take pictures." Then his tongue slides over the front of Sam’s panties, following the line of his cock and the couch strains again as Sam braces himself against the arms.

Hnnngghh. Yes please.


Title: Slip of the TongueDay 4: Porn Day Rating: MatureKinks: (Light) Daddy Kink and some angelic power usage (both from the prompt list). Also light bondage, toys.Warnings: For the above kinks. Summary: It seemed like the logical response at the time. 

Maybe it’s because he needs the control wrested from him to help him relax. Gabriel is more than happy to oblige, rolling Sam onto hands and knees and, with a snap of his fingers, binding Sam’s wrists together. Each of Sam’s ankles is secured with a cuff that’s bound by a length of thin rope to the foot board so that Sam can’t tighten up, can’t roll over, can’t hide, can’t do anything but present himself. 
Maybe it’s because they haven’t done this yet. Oh, they’ve done many other things. Some of them Sam can’t name. Some of them make him blush. 
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Title: Slip of the Tongue
Day 4: Porn Day 
Rating: Mature
Kinks: (Light) Daddy Kink and some angelic power usage (both from the prompt list). Also light bondage, toys.
Warnings: For the above kinks. 
Summary: It seemed like the logical response at the time. 

Maybe it’s because he needs the control wrested from him to help him relax. Gabriel is more than happy to oblige, rolling Sam onto hands and knees and, with a snap of his fingers, binding Sam’s wrists together. Each of Sam’s ankles is secured with a cuff that’s bound by a length of thin rope to the foot board so that Sam can’t tighten up, can’t roll over, can’t hide, can’t do anything but present himself. 

Maybe it’s because they haven’t done this yet. Oh, they’ve done many other things. Some of them Sam can’t name. Some of them make him blush. 

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Who'd Have Known? — Lily Allen

It wasn’t supposed to be this easy.

Sam was a lawyer, for God’s sake. He wore a monkey suit every day, with shiny black leather shoes and everything. He was as far away from Gabriel’s type as was humanly possible.

And yet, here they were, living together.

That’s another thing, too. Gabriel was committing himself to this relationship enough that he had agreed to move in with Sam.

Sam, of course, had no illusions. They both knew that this relationship was way too new to be living together already,  but Gabriel had been laid off from work and money was hard to come by, so living by himself just wasn’t going to work. To spare himself the wounding of his dignity by moving in with his little brother, he’d moved in with his boyfriend of only three months.

And it wasn’t supposed to be this easy.

It wasn’t supposed to feel so right to wake up early in the morning with Sam, have coffee with him and kiss him off to work. It wasn’t supposed to be so easy to cook a meal for Sam every now and then. It shouldn’t be so easy to divide up their chores. Gabriel’s never done this before, and he’s pretty sure it should be a lot harder than it is.

But Sam kisses him every morning and every night and all the time in between. He comes home and finds Gabriel sleeping on the couch, pulls a blanket over him, adjusts Gabriel’s head onto his lap and Gabriel wakes up to him ordering a pizza. Sam texts him from work complaining about his clients and coworkers. He brings home job ads he thinks Gabriel would be interested in. On Saturdays they go out and on Sundays they stay in, touching and kissing and groping between cooking and cleaning and fucking. Sam pulls him in every night while he’s asleep, holds him close and doesn’t let go.

Sometimes Gabriel goes out with his friends on weeknights and Sam stays home and watches the shows he’s DVR’d over the week. When Gabriel gets home, just a little drunk, he crawls into bed next to Sam and kisses him awake, and they have sex in their bed, nice and slow.

They fight sometimes. Because Gabriel still hasn’t found a job and Sam’s stuck with all the bills and Sam doesn’t care, he’s been paying his own bills for years, but Gabriel minds a lot. Because Sam’s secretary is gorgeous and Gabriel is unsure. Because Gabriel sometimes drinks a little too much and Sam’s had enough drunks in his life, doesn’t want to deal with another one.

They kiss and make up and fuck it out and in the morning Gabriel continues searching for a job, Sam insists he’s never been more attracted to someone in his life, and when Gabriel goes out he sticks to a few beers and refuses the offers of more.

Gabriel gets a job, three months after moving in, and they’ve been dating for half a year. Sam offers to help him look for a new apartment, shyly, quietly, like he’d rather do anything else in the world but he thinks it’s what Gabriel wants. Gabriel only hesitates for a moment before tossing the offer away with a joke about liking the big screen TV too much, and Sam’s smile lights up the whole house.

It was never supposed to be this serious. They only dated casually before moving in together. Neither of them thought it would last too long.

It shouldn’t be this easy, but it is.

I’m in such an awesome mood after reading this. All the kudos!

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