Hey do u think Hoechlin is getting a little chubby? I mean they haven't done a shirtless scene in a while and his face is rounder. :T Should we write a petition or something? lol
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in what universe is tyler hoechlin getting chubby????



Theory: Every year Balthazar infiltrates the Academy and forces them to pick someone else over Leonardo Dicaprio because he’s still mad about The Titanic.

that explains it


The Fox and the Hound Wolf
a tale of not-so-little Red and his big bad Werewolf


The Fox and the Hound Wolf

a tale of not-so-little Red and his big bad Werewolf


Teen Wolf AU à la 10 Things I Hate About You: In which Isaac wants to date Cora, but she isn’t allowed to go out with anyone until her older brother Derek, who is well known in school for his less than stellar social skills and nonexistent interest in dating, has found someone as well. So they develop a plan to pay someone - Stiles Stilinski, to be precise - to take Derek out. None of them really expected it to work, and much less for Derek and Stiles to actually fall in love with each other…

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shit guys this is real -BBC

this is real and not something made up… guys this is serious and whole of Europe is scared

Teen Wolf Fandom Will Devour Itself: How Fandom Threw Tyler Posey Under The Bus With Teen Wolf's Blessing







I’ve had this open in a tab for a few hours now and I can’t find where I originally saw it posted. But this article really hits the nail on the head when it comes to this whole Posey and Sterek fandom issue.

I could basically quote every part of this article but just go read it it’s brilliant.

I think the part I liked best was about how the Social Media crew interacts with the fandom, I really agreed there.  Very interesting article. 

Wow, this is scary reading. I had no clue any of this was happening and I’m rather upset that the people in charge of Teen Wolf aren’t doing more to protect their actors from the worst elements in fandom.

I am also alarmed to hear that there are elements in fandom that want Allison dead and that someone wrote a tweet asking why Alison dresses like a slut and the people in charge had Crystal Reed answer the fan question…WTF???

I … wow. Okay, Posey’s perspective makes a lot more sense if the PR department is deliberately exposing actors to a dedicated feed of psychopathic fans.

Just — I don’t even have words for how horrified I am that the official twitter would tell fans “we love you” for making “KILL ALLISON” trend.

It is deeply fucked up that TW PR is basically treating fandom like a reality show, highlighting erratic behavior in the hopes of engineering drama.

I side-eye this article for claiming it is the job of fans, Sterek or otherwise, to police the erratic behavior of actual mentally unstable people who use fandom as an excuse to troll. There’s not much we can do besides saying, “Hey, please ignore those guys.”

Moreover a lot of us don’t know about crazy fans tweeting hatred or whatever crazy fans do because we actively avoid them, and the places on the internet where they congregate, for the sake of our own sanity.  We can evict them from our fannish circles, but we can’t stop them from making their own, and we certainly can’t stop the PR department from seeking them out and endorsing their shenanigans.

Reblogging for the commentary, particularly lierdumoa's.

I don’t follow the actors or the showrunners very closely. For me, being a part of fandom is pretty centralised on the story, characters and the fanworks themselves. I only generally hear about the fourth wall breakage and it’s results when something goes terribly, terribly wrong. Case in point: this whole damn subject.

That said, in discussing this incident, both on tumblr and privately, a whole slew of others have come to my attention. I’d heard vague mentions in the past, of course, alluding to the shit tossed at Posey and that utter fuckery with the #killallison tag trending, but…well, I’ve been in fandom a long time. A loooong time. To say this bullshit isn’t new would be like calling the world a little bowed at the edges.

There will always be shit-sticks who think it’s okay to come at the actors with threats and slurs and general fuckholery that shouldn’t ever be thought let alone see the light of day.

And lierdumoa has it right - there’s very little we can do against the assholes in fandom other than say, “don’t be assholes”, come down hard on the bullshit when it does surface and then try not to give them the light of day.

What I hadn’t realised is while we were hanging out, reblogging fluff and flailing over ships, the TW media and PR teams were shining a big ol’ fucking spotlight on those assholes. They were reaching right into the muck with a fucking microphone and giving them a voice. And they were happily throwing their cast to the fucking wolves as they did it.

Jesus Christ, I’m surprised Posey didn’t say worse. I might have, if that was the sort of shit I’d been exposed to.

I can’t actually put into words how utterly disgusted I am with TW’s marketing team. It’s become very, very clear just how willing they are to let the actors cop the shit that they actively stir up. Not only that, they’re using fandom as their own personal drama machine.

Need to generate chatter? Let’s air the most disgusting, misogynistic tweet from a fan we can find! Need pageviews? Approve every fucking media outlet in the country to ask questions about sterek. That’s always a sure-fire share generator!

How about no. How about you actively shield your cast from disgusting, problematic and disrespectful behaviour? How about instead of stirring up “controversy” you actively seek to represent the fandom at it’s best? Or failing that, leave us the fuck alone to do our thing in peace.